Psst! Do You Want Your Ex Back?

Love is a wonderful thing to experience. The fact that there is someone out there who thinks the world of you and is willing to do anything for you makes everything beautiful. Sadly, love comes at a cost and we all have to prove our love for someone. The challenges we face in relationships can be used as fire to either strengthen love or completely destroy it. If you recently broke up with someone, you are obviously devastated. How can something so beautiful and promising just disappear? But something can be done about this. Here are some simple tips to get you started.

Do You Really want your Ex Back?

If you decide to get your ex back, it is important to note that there is no turning back. You should only stop when you have gotten your ex back. So before you get started, make sure you are decided on this. For instance, if your ex has cheated on you multiple times, then it’s not worth jumping back into that relationship.

Be Honest

A little lie can destroy a beautiful relationship. When trying to get your ex back, you’ll need to be honest with both you and your ex. Things may look bad but the truth is known to fix a lot of damage. Note that whether you get your ex back or not, honesty will leave you feeling really good about yourself and will open up many opportunities for you.


A genuine apology will go a long way towards fixing a damaged relationship. Be sincere with your apology and be ready for disappointment. For this reason, you should add a lot of detail into your apology. You want your ex to realize that you understand how they felt when you wronged them. If you were the one who was wronged and are willing to forgive your ex after they apologize, then this should be a thing of the past that should be erased from memory.

Remind them of the Fun Days

Chances are that there are some fun things you used to do together that you no longer indulge in. Sparking some of these memories might help you win your partner back. Think of a time that the two of you really had fun and make it clear that you are willing to enhance such experiences. Note that it doesn’t have to be an expensive activity. Anything can work as long as it is something that the two of you enjoyed doing.

Show them What to Expect

A lot of things need to change if you are to win back a heart. For instance, it should be clear that things will improve when you and your partner get back together. Be willing to change for both your sake and your partner’s. Change can be something as simple as changing wardrobes or as complex as moving to a new home or city.

Think Long Term

Your partner also needs to understand that you see a future with them. If you lack in the responsibility department, then it’s time you set your priorities straight. Be willing to make some sacrifices if you truly want them back.


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